Monday, June 27, 2011

Hair Flower Giveaway and an Etsy Treasury

I have a giveaway for this blog! But first, the details.

Several months back I started making hair flower clips. I love flowers (who doesn't?), and so I decided I might as well list them on Etsy.

As I began poking around, I discovered how to make treasuries (a group of listings from different sellers). I searched "biracial," multiracial, interracial... adoption, mixed, diversity, etc and decided to make a treasury for Richard and Mildred Loving of some amazing work from Etsy artists--discover these sellers! You won't regret spending some time viewing their work: Richard and Mildred Loving Treasury on Etsy.

Related, I had also been thinking about making a "multiracial" flower of sorts.

I'm hoping to find a flower that comes in at least three shades of brown that I can reassemble into one flower. And I haven't found that perfect flower yet, but these pictured below are what I have so far in the works.

They are small and versatile and great for those who aren't necessarily comfortable with a large hair flower. What I love about brown flowers too is that they naturally tend to look good in natural hair colors and with many skin tones. These would also make a great gift for someone if you win them but don't want them for yourself.

Wear them separately or together... both are yours if you win!

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post! I do so love giveaways! This giveaway ends on July 10, 2011. If you are an anonymous poster, be sure to leave some contact info or I will have to choose someone else. I will use to determine a winner. Odds of winning should be pretty good.

My Etsy store is and considering what I just wrote about liking giveaways, you might consider a Facebook "like" as well,


Niqnaq23 said...

Flowers always remind me of my G'ma for she had her very own garden. They are bright, beautiful come in different shades, colors and hues... Kind of like people..:o) Thanks for sharing your creations~

Patricia Elzie said...

I love hair flowers! I wear them often and lots of people always ask where I get them, so I'm happy to spread the word when I find some really great ones! Your work is beautiful and thank you for sharing :)

Lilly said...

These hair flowers look very pretty. I love the idea of multiracial hair flowers :)

Mamabelle said...

Thank you so much for your entries! says comment number 1! Congrats NiqNaq23!