Monday, March 14, 2011

Ouidad Hair

I have so much to say about hair that it's about time I got started! And forget about writing a five page post about it either... one thing at a time. That's why it's taken me so long to get started, in fact. I was trying to find a way to say everything: the struggles I went through, the systems I tried, the products, the politics and finally where I am with it now. 

One thing I did this past fall was go to a salon for the second time in my life. (I only got highlights the first time.) What I really needed and wanted was a good cut and maybe a few ideas. I was looking for someone who would cut my hair in a way that helped my hair not look so thin and also enhance my curls. All I could do on my own was trim and put in layers (the kind that look good on straight hair). 

I read about the Ouidad system, and the woman I'd seen before was pretty much known as the "curl whisperer" in Knoxville. She was certified and trained! So, off I went! 

The Ouidad way of cutting hair, called "Carving and Slicing" is totally different than anything I can do on my own, and most important to me, it was cut with the hair curly.

The curls are clearly defined, much more so than I could normally achieve.

Here, you can see approximately what the back looked like (and my girl swinging :)
Another pic of the front.

I'm glad I got the cut! All of my relaxed (chemically straightened) hair had been grown out, and I needed a little help getting it going. I'm also glad I got it styled. Even though I won't be using the Ouidad products, it was good to reaffirm that decision. 

The Ouidad products the stylist used were numerous! Shampoo, Conditioner, heavy duty conditioning treatment, leave in conditioner, a spray (basically a light hair spray), a gel, a pomade. Whew! The way the stylist formed the curls was similar to Teri LaFlesh's tightly curly methods (the basis for how I fix my hair). When finished, the curls were slightly stiff, so that's where the pomade came in, to give them shine and loosen them up a bit. I was able to keep the curls for about four days before I couldn't work with them anymore being that they were much too stiff for LaFlesh methods of reviving them.

From the experience, what I did decide to do was add a gel into my routine because I've never gotten the knack of how much conditioner to use to style my hair and give it decent hold with the tightly curly method. I will post next month about how I fix my hair now & what I've tweaked from LaFlesh's tightly curly to work for my thin hair.

If you live in/around Knoxville and would like to know the name of the stylist and salon, please drop me an email!


Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful and I love your haircut. I love Teri's method. I haven't done it all winter and I miss it. It's been really cold here this winter and I couldn't imagine wetting my hair in the morning with conditioner in 9 degree weather. I've been 2 stranding my twists every 3 days and wearing it out. Can't wait to here more about your hair method.

Mamabelle said...

Nine degrees!!! I see what you mean!