Thursday, September 30, 2010

Diverse playgroups for families

Today I posted on Knoxville Mamabelle about playgroups and where to find them:

If you are ever wondering what there is to do around town, you should definitely check out some of the many listings. One of my favorite sites for event listings is headed up by Ali James. Knoxmoms has tons of event listings, playgroups and ways for families to connect. I highly recommend subscribing to their well worthwhile weekly email newsletter. Believe me, you will never wonder what to do on a rainy day once you have loaded your mommy toolbox with the Knoxmoms site.

Additionally, I have to remind readers about all the many activies offered by our outstanding Knox Co. library system. The library's calendar of events allows you to toggle your view between libraries and types of programs, childrens, adults, etc. Library events are often listed on Knoxmoms, as well.

Finally, especially if you've just had your first child and want to connect with other parents, I'd urge you to join a playgroup. You can find playgroups on Knoxmoms, Knoxville Mommies, Knoxville Mother's Center, and so many more and by networking at many events moms frequent, such as library reading times.

In addition to playgroups, Knoxville Mommies has message boards and public events as well.

So, get out and find some fun! And feel free to contact me if you'd like more information.
But, what if you are looking for a playgroup with biracial or interracial families? So far, I haven't found one. A friend of mine tried to organize a group, but it has now been inactive for over a year, so I'm still looking for an alternative or looking to form a group myself. If you are also looking for a group, please contact me.

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