Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Biracial Knoxville" google search

What finally pushed me to start this blog when I've always wanted to do this? Every so often, I type in a google search "biracial knoxville" or "interracial knoxville," or I scan the listing in Metro Pulse wondering if anyone has started a group or club devoted to these topics. Nothing is ever there. We are not in a place like Atlanta, Chicago, or California where groups have formed.

But, this last time I googled "biracial knoxville" an article popped up that intrigued me: "My Worst Fear as a Mother-to-be? A Burning Cross on our Front Lawn" by Colleen Oakley published here on

In the article, the future mom wonders what life will be like in an Appalacian city like Knoxville. She worried about racists, diversity and her child's mental well-being. All valid concerns shared by me as well.

Immediately, I was reminded of why I needed to do this (start a place where biracial Knoxvillians can connect): we are here, we want to connect, but we can't just run around going up to strangers at the grocery store. As I look over Oakley's article again, I notice she writes, "Whenever I see another interracial couple, I resist the urge to run up to them and say, 'Will you be our friends?'"

I don't necessarily have anything original to say; I'm not a future novelist, nor am I an expert on the biracial identity, interracial relationshiops, but maybe, just maybe, I can instigate some small thing here in my town: a book club, a play group, a picnic or even a Loving Day celebration in 2011.

And to Colleen, let's schedule a playdate for the little ones!

No more glancing at each other from behind our shades, interracial Knoxvillians. Let's break down barriers, meet, discuss and connect.

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